LeadCare® LeadCare Systema]R

The LeadCare System is for the determination of lead in whole blood. When you test young patients for lead levels, you want fast, accurate, inexpensive results. You want the LeadCare system, a simple, foolproof way to perform blood lead measurements using a finger stick or venous sample. No more waiting days for expensive lab analyses. You get quantitative blood lead results equivalent to those reported by outside laboratories in just three minutes.
A LeadCare system analysis costs far less than you'd pay an outside laboratory, and it qualifies for reimbursement as a quantitative blood lead. You'll also cut your staff's result-tracking and administrative time. You'll save your patients days of possibly needless worry plus the time-consuming inconvenience and cost of a return visit. Blood lead measurement couldn't be easier.
LeadCare is easy and safe to use. The hand-held analyzer is portable and requires neither manual calibration nor refrigeration. Its unique gold electrode sensor contains no mercury or other toxic materials. The point-of-care LeadCare system was developed by ESA and Andcare with a grant from the CDC. It's the diagnostic tool which makes sense medically and economically.

Fast! Easy as 1- 2- 3

Draw a capillary or venous blood sample using EDTA or heparin as anticoagulants
Using the pipette provided with the kit, dispense 50 gl, about two drops of blood, into the reagent and mix.

Transfer it to the sensor strip. Press the button. Just three minutes later, you have your result.

LeadCare System vs. Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy performed at a major lead outreach and referral clinic/hospital
Number of Samples: 112




-0.57 gg/dl

Correlation coefficient:

Power source: 9V battery or AC adapter


7.7 in x 4.2 in x 2.5 in. (19.6cm x 10.7cm x 6.4cm)


14 oz
Test method:
Electrochemical with disposable sensors
Blood lead level range:
1.4 - 65 gg/dl
Blood sample volume:
50 gl
Test time:
3 minutes
Calibration: Electronic calibration button
Classification: Moderately complex under CLIA guidelines. Suitable for use in physician's office laboratory.
Ordering Information
Part No.

LeadCare Analyzer Kit:
The analyzer kit consists of a complete portable blood lead testing instrument
Including: LeadCare analyzer, 50 gl pipette, AC adapter, battery, sensor holder,training video, quick reference guide, and user's guide.
Requires- Test Kit: 70-2233 and Control Kit: 70-3440 for complete analysis

LeadCare Test Kit:
Contains: 48 sensors, 96 pipette tips, 48 tubes of treatment reagent, one calibration button (lot specific).
LeadCare Control Kit:
Contains: one Level 1 blood lead control (2 ml), one Level 2 blood lead control (2 ml) and water for reconstitution.
Label Printer:
Label Printer Labels, 2 rolls/pkg.:
Pipette Tips, 96/box.:
50 gl Replacement Pipette: 70-2230