ChromaChem®- Evaporative Light Scattering DetectorÀË´ú¾¹
  • Universal detection of non-volatile compounds
  • Sensitive detection of weak chromophores
    (e.g., lipids, phosholipids, triglygerides, carbohydrates, polymers and pharmaceuticals)
  • More sensitive than RI and low wavelength UV detection
  • Compatible with gradient elution HPLC
  • Low temperature evaporation for semi-volatile and thermosensitive analytes
  • Compatible with aqueous mobile phases, even at high flow rates
  • Response factors are less variable than RI, UV and MS
  • High baseline stability- insensitive to temperature and flow variations


New Features of the Chromachem® Detector

  • Programmable attenuation, events, and gas shutoff
  • Enhanced multi-line display for more system information
  • Enhanced digital processor - 20 bit A/D, digital filtering
  • RS232 enabled

Detection from Evaporative Light Scattering is based on the universal ability of particles to cause photon scattering when they traverse the path of a polychromatic beam of light. The liquid effluent from an HPLC is first nebulized and the resultant aerosol mist, containing the analyte particles, is directed through a light beam. A signal is generated that is proportional to the mass present, and independent of the presence or absence of chromophores, fluorophores or electroactive groups. Since essentially every compound can be separated by HPLC or micro-HPLC and detected by ELS, the ESA ChromaChem is the detector every chromatography laboratory should have.
The Chromachem Evaporative Light Scattering detector is a mass sensitive device, which provides a response directly proportional to an analyte¡¦s mass in the sample. The presence of functional groups or chromophores are not necessary for detection. Relative amounts of compounds can be easily assessed by evaporative light scattering technology. Any non-volatile analyte can be detected and gradient elution can be employed to optimize the separation, aqueous as well as solvent based mobile phases can be used to detect compounds that are not generally "seen" by other detection techniques. This detector can be used in conjunction with mass spectrometers to provide a complete analysis of the sample.
The Chromachem's unique nebulization system and temperature controlled drift tube provides sensitivity, reliable and reproducible analysis. The unit's small footprint requires a minimum of bench space, allowing use in space limited conditions.

Chromachem ELSD System Schematic

Applications for Evaporative Light Scattering Detection

Lipids, Fatty Acids
Polyethylene Glycol
Amino Acids
Fractionation of Lipids
Plastic Additives
Carboxylic acids

ChromaChem® ELSD- Remote Control Software

Simplify Detector Operation and HPLC System Integration
¡ESet detection parameters from an external computer
¡ECreate, store and recall operation methods
¡EMonitor Detector Parameters during operation
¡EStore methods and collected data files directly on a Windows-based PC
¡EPrint data plots, parameters, status

Real Time Data Monitoring

Monitor collection of detector data in real time. Print collected data plots directly to a printer connected to the PC. Save your acquired data files to a PC for archiving or use with popular data analysis software

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